The First Date Only Project

Why I’m doing this March 12, 2010

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I haven’t had good luck with guys. I have no trouble whatsoever meeting them, no problem getting them to go out with me, in fact I have no trouble at all getting boyfriends. I’ve had a lot of ’em. But… most of them have lasted approximately 1-4 months before they realise that they “don’t want to be in a relationship”.

I’ve decided, fuck it, neither do I. But I do like dating. How great is a good first date- when you really click, and you laugh and have fun and have that giddy feeling for days afterwards? I thought about it and decided that maybe ONLY going on first dates might be the way to go for awhile. Skip the whole “terrible relationship drama” afterwards. Just keep it at the good stage.

So I’ve decided to conduct The First Date Only Project, and go on as many first dates (ONLY first dates) with guys as will go out with me. What have I got to lose? (aside from, you know, my life, if I manage to accidentally attract a psycho stalker killer).

I inadvertently began this project several months ago, while trying desperately to pull my affections away from an ex, but at that point hadn’t really decided to make a whole *thing* of it.

More on the background to The First Date Only Project, and the first first dates, to come.


One Response to “Why I’m doing this”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    You are awesome and my hero and I love you!

    You should post a form or something on your blog or have a link to a page where people can apply for dates, in addition to your Craigslist post. Just sayin’!

    A+, so hilarious!

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