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First Date #2, M* March 13, 2010

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This second guy, M, was also really nice, but unfortunately for him he A. Fell into one of my Categories of Undateable Guys and B. met me at a time when I was particularly undesperate and not willing to compromise on those categories.

M was cute enough, a bit short and slightly stocky (ie out of shape rugby player). Very posh. Public school boy. Banker.  Three strikes against him. But three strikes that made him perfect for just a first date.

We met up after work (I, again, for some reason had made it there early so I ended up accidentally going shopping and buying a bunch of work clothes) in Covent Garden for drinks. M was shocked when I ordered a pint. I am still more shocked when guys don’t expect that I drink beer. Is it that odd? I am certainly no girly girl when it comes to drinks.

We went somewhere else for dinner, which he also paid for, and then decided it was definitely a good idea to check out a shit student club around the corner and have one last terrible terrible rum and coke there, which he also paid for. Had a kiss. It was nice. And then he called me a taxi and I went home.

All in all, rather unremarkable. However, I was drunk enough on the taxi ride home to call up my go-to drunk dial friend (in the STATES, unfortunately for my phone bill) and go on a 20 minute discussion (well, rant) about how weird it was that he had paid for EVERYTHING. I realise this is a strange thing to complain about. And I certainly don’t have the kind of money to be splashing out on round after round of £12 cocktails. And I know that he definitely does have the money.

BUT, for some reason I would have felt better if he had just let me buy ONE drink. His wallet came out on at least 4 occasions through the course of the evening. I suppose it’s the modern independent woman in me that doesn’t ever want a guy to feel like I EXPECT him to pay. I certainly don’t. I don’t expect to always split things 50/50 (in fact I’d prefer not to make a big deal out of it) but I also don’t like a guy flashing his cash all over me. Eh.

Anyway, funny thing about that rant was that when I finally got off the phone, the taxi driver timidly asked from the front seat, “don’t guys in America pay for a girl on a date?” It was cute and made me feel a bit silly.

So, M. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a fun time, and he made me laugh and was definitely a good guy. But not my type. Which, actually, is the best possible scenario for a First Date Only.


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