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A very angry, bitter man March 14, 2010

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Just thought I’d share one of the really kind responses I got to my CL post:


I saw the ad on Craigslist and you seem like a deluded individual. I don’t want to go out with you as I think you are a fucking idiot. If anyone reply’s back to you, then they are a fucking cunt. Forsaking their self-respect and submitting to your wants, all for a date.

You have to be pretty fucking special to have demands like yours. I know that you are a fucking dog(how do I know that, you ask?). Your job title says it all. I know many policy researcher’s and they are boring fuckwits, and normally women who at college where not on top of everyone’s list for a date.

You think by doing this you can get a date otherwise your bang out of luck.

Wake up to reality.


I’m not sure it’s really worth commenting. Suffice it to say someone needs to get a sense of humour. And get laid. Obviously, it won’t be by me though, because I’m clearly “a fucking dog”.


One Response to “A very angry, bitter man”

  1. SMC Says:

    LOLZ. This guy is awesome at punctuation. He has mastered the apostrophe.

    And you are pretty fucking special, for realz.

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