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I’ve run out of dates May 8, 2010

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I have a problem. I managed to take too long to set up all the dates from my original craigslist post, and I think I may have lost several along the way. In fact, it’s been nearly 2 months since I started this, and I think it may have passed the expiration date with a few I forgot about.

There is one who I’ve been emailing and texting with relative frequency since the beginning (including some ill-advised drunken St Paddy’s day text exchanges where I almost agreed to come to the party he was at. Luckily logic outweighed Guinness). We’ve actually made and broken dates twice- the first I cancelled (due to either laziness, skintness or something better to do), the second he cancelled (but I was relieved because it was for the night before I was leaving on holiday). I’ve only just returned from my holiday and he’s away this week, so I suppose we’ll have to see once he gets back if we’re on or not. I just realised what a long and boring explanation that was to say “we still haven’t met up”.

I’ve been spot on for my predictions of the three I’ve met so far (“desperate”, “a bit weird” and “normal and fun”) but this one I’m really unsure about. First, I don’t entirely  know what he looks like. The picture he sent was low rez. But he seemed good enough looking? We seem to have a lot in common on paper, studied the same things, did a term in France, run marathons. He called me once, to set up cancelled date #2 and I was surprised at how posh he sounded. Is being turned off by posh accents odd? I dunno, they just don’t do it for me.

SO aside from this one, I’ve got none left and I can’t decide what I should do. Post on Craigslist again? I’d have to be careful with that; I don’t want to get the same guys to respond. Go to a dating website? And if I go with dating website, should I be honest about the first date only policy?

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3 Responses to “I’ve run out of dates”

  1. Hm, well if he still seems keen to meet up, why not?

    You should try a free one, like POF. And definitely be honest with them! Otherwise it’s kind of mean, yes?

    So you’re still keen on this idea? How have you liked the experiment?

    • I’m already on a free one anyway, which has done me well over the years… I think I’ll surf for some in that direction.

      It’s been good so far, actually. I was considering giving it up when it seemed as though an actual real live unrelated relationship might be unfolding but that has been given the axe. All the more reason to go into full dating self-destruct mode, I think. Bring it on!

  2. Definitely be honest – it’s only fair that they come into it eyes wide open 🙂 (It will probably make them more keen to try and change your mind too, which would be amusing!)

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