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“I’m not looking for a prostitute, but I’ll pay you for sex” May 9, 2010

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I posted another thing on Craigslist, a bit more vague and not mentioning that I only want a first date, and found this response particularly hilarious:

don’t know what to say… as i never done it before.. but…
i will keep it simple, i am white ,with black hair and eyes , i have been told i am handsome , looking for a nice girl, to spend 1 night with, but, i am not looking for escort , just simple single lady , who really hot and want to have date with nice guy, and am paying cash for that,
don’t think i cant find someone, but the idea of meeting someone , i don’t know who, for drinks and fun.. seriously turn me on..
my plan is to meet for a date, drinks, nice chat, then and if we feel relax with each other, we go to mine/yours for the night…and you will get cash…
by the way, seriously, i am good looking , handsome, very well educated, and funny..
really , i love to see you…
well, all of us we had from Time to time 1 night stand, so, why not, if its will be with nice guy, and you will get cash on the top… we could meet for drinks first… think about it and let me know..

Well I’m definitely not an escort, but you know what, guy, you’ve convinced me… you can pay me for sex. But I definitely won’t prostitute myself. Wait a minute. I think there might be a gap in logic somewhere…


3 Responses to ““I’m not looking for a prostitute, but I’ll pay you for sex””

  1. Dude.

    I can think of nothing to say to this.

    I can’t decide if this guy is for real or clueless. Or in deep deep denial. Uck.

  2. His terrible grammar would annoy me far too much! 😉

  3. He’s really into his commas, though, eh?

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