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Return from the dead January 19, 2011

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So you may have guessed that I gave up with my project. That’s because, I Met Someone Who I Thought Was Awesome and then, as all my friends probably expected, He Turned Out Not To Be Awesome At All.

Yeah… MISTAKE! In my defence, Mr Super Amazing Guy did a really good job of playing ‘hide the crazy’ for several months. I didn’t see him much, because of his insanely busy work schedule, and when we did see each other it was at bizarre rather unsociable hours because he would often work till midnight, 4am. He was pretty certain that we were going to get married and have babies and live happily ever after, but c’mon dude… you didn’t know me at ALL. Our relationship mostly consisted of having coffee and sitting around talking for maybe an hour, and then him sending me texts constantly throughout the week telling me how much he missed me and how perfect I am. Okay, I’ll admit it, I liked the attention, whether or not it made any sense. Then I discovered that he had completely unacceptable political viewpoints and there were far too many red flags to ignore.

So I dumped him.

And then I dumped him again.

And I swear to god, I spent all of September and October trying to dump this guy who WOULD NOT LET ME DUMP HIM. It was completely insane, I have never gotten so many pitiful text messages before. If I hadn’t already been certain that I didn’t want to see him anymore, he did an excellent job of convincing me.

And then! So remember the tall guy I met and accidentally really liked? (there are a whole lot of ‘accidentallys’ going on here… perhaps I should take more responsibility for my dating mishaps. Or not). Out of nowhere he texted me again in October. And we met up. And I still really like him. And now it seems we’re dating. And he is awesome. More about that another time.

Despite the fact that I’d made my intentions clear with the previous guy, as I said, he WOULD NOT GET DUMPED. And then the crazy got more intense. He texted me three times in the middle of the night one night- “are you ignoring me? I think you’re ignoring me” “you’re so stubborn you would be ignoring me ” “this would have been one of the nights I could have finally stayed over at yours. But you’re ignoring me.” I texted him in the morning telling him in no uncertain terms that perhaps we should not speak anymore.

A few nights later, he texted while I was on my way to tall guy’s saying he was coming over. I have no doubt he was actually on his way. I told him not to. He called me a bitch and said that it was obvious that I was dating someone and that “he had also started seeing someone” but that he just HAD TO SEE ME. Um… right.

Then began the phonecalls from a mobile number I didn’t recognise. A few more WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE texts and emails. And to be perfectly honest, I was getting slightly concerned he would show up at my flat at any moment.

It’s been about a month since I last heard from him. I think he’s gotten the hint. And by “hint” I mean “very direct messages that I sent in plain English saying that I no longer wanted anything to do with him”.

Here’s the hilarious thing though. I met him through this– Please let me break your emo heart. I hate to say you got what you signed up for because it was totally tongue in cheek I certainly didn’t mean for it to turn out that way… but… uh…. you got exactly what you signed up for. Just sayin’…

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3 Responses to “Return from the dead”

  1. Rapunzel Says:

    I was going to say what a crazy experiment this is but then it sounds like you veered off the experiment and that went crazy as well?!

    I’ve popped over after you commented on my blog. Enjoyed what I read and hope you’ll be writing more!

    Rapunzel x

  2. Yeah, it looks like I won’t be going on any first dates in the foreseeable future, but there has been some more drama with the guy I had THOUGHT was awesome… will definitely write about it soon, because frankly I find it all hilarious (maybe I’m a terrible person…)

  3. Very glad to see that you are writing again too! Although not for the reason that you acquired a sort-of stalker person. I always ask myself what are these kind of guys telling themselves when they continue to pester someone after they have plainly said ‘Fudge off!’. Like they have word input problems and read instead ‘Eat fudge off me’. I want to hear more! 🙂

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