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Want a really great way to waste time? February 11, 2011

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Beardy McIrish(?)man in Camden March 23, 2010

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I’ve given myself a bit of a ridiculous schedule this week: a date last night, one Wednesday, and a third on Friday. I’m wondering when/if I’ll get first date fatigue.

So the one last night. It was honestly exactly what I’m looking for through this project. A lot of fun. But not too much fun.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this guy to be like. His emails were… odd. To say the least. Lots of bullet points and seemingly unrelated statements. But he said he was Irish and I’m a sucker for the accent so I decided to give it a go.

We agreed to meet in Camden for drinks. He was 15 minutes late. And didn’t look a thing like his picture (I suppose the same face was under there somewhere, but with added beard I probably wouldn’t have found it on my own). He looked very Camden, all skinny-jeaned and trendy glasses-ed.  And his accent surprised me- very, very London, not Irish at all.

The date didn’t get off to a fantastic start. We went to the Elephant’s Head on Camden High Street, got a couple pints of Guinness and he not long afterwards launched into a long thing about how he wanted to be shot into space when he died so the aliens would put him back together or something. I think it was a long and convoluted joke, but I’m really not sure. Oh, and have I mentioned he was wearing a Star Trek badge?

But it did get infinitely better from there. I liked that he swore a lot, as I myself have been known to drop numerous f-bombs and it makes me feel awkward if people think that swearing isn’t polite or whatever. After a couple of pints, we moved to one of my old favourites, the Good Mixer. Ah, how it still smells just faintly of vomit and piss. I do love it so.

And we had a great time. Bizarro space story aside, he was really very fun and easy to talk to. We talked a lot about music and funny stories from childhood and drunken mishaps. It turns out, by the way, that he is indeed Irish but only lived in Ireland from age 10-20 and somehow managed to hold onto his London accent. Confusing, but interesting.

At no point did I find myself dropping into what I have discovered is my dating coping mechanism- endlessly joking about how amazing I am. I really do wonder why it is that I do this, and you’d think it would be a turnoff to guys, but I suppose I do it in more of a “charming and funny” way than an “obnoxious and egotistical” way. I suppose maybe it’s better to do that than tell my “drunkenly puked on my friend’s shoes” story or my “killed a baby pigeon” story. Oh wait, both of those came out last night. I’ve got no mental filter.

Even after our last drink we continued to talk until I realised it was 12:30am on a school night and decided it might be wise to get a night bus home. He walked me to the bus stop and we stood kind of a safe distance apart from each other, until he said something about whether he could kiss me. I allowed it. Wow! A very, very pleasant surprise. Until, naturally, a drunk homeless guy tried to interrupt us asking for change. Not now, guy, bad timing. Jeez.

We continued kissing for awhile (my bus took AGES to arrive) and he asked if I was interested in going to a gig this weekend. It didn’t seem necessary with him (as it did with Hampstead guy) to drive home the ONLY ONE DATE notion, so I said I might be into it.

So I have a dilemma now. I had a lot of fun last night. And while most of the evening I was thinking, yeah I might like him to become one of my friends, he actually turned out to be a fab kisser.

Though, fact of the matter is that I wouldn’t actually date date him. I’ll be honest, the whole space and Star Trek thing… yeah, not really gonna do it for me. He also seemed genuinely surprised that A. I would go out with him to begin with at all and B. That it would be totally easy and fun and he wasn’t socially awkward around me.

So perhaps best just to leave it at the one date, though I really do want to make sure that he knows I had a great time and I’m not blowing him off because I’m such a bitch. Or maybe *just* a second date as well?